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Chevy Crate Engine

Chevy crate engines are seriously the best thing for building a street rod or muscle car. GM Performance does such a good job researching the Chevy crate engine packages and building Chevy engines that they are at the top of the engine building world, especially for the price. No one can match the quality and consistency of the Chevy crate engines for performance, reliability and type of engine. Within the Chevy crate engine line are a 290 horsepower 350, stroker 383, LS1, LS2, Big block Chevy crate engines just to name a few.

GM Performance Parts have assembled some mild and wild high-performance Chevy crate engines to cover the bases on street performer, strip or hot rod cruiser. Chevy crate engines are designed and built with features to add value save you money over non - Chevy crate engines. The goal of GM Performance Parts is to have every customer who buys a Chevy crate engine to be totally satisfied with it. They want you to come back and buy Chevy crate engines for your other performance vehicles too!

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